A story where you are your own light

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Once, a girl was running around with a candle lamp asking if anyone needs light. It was because everyone that passed by her had waxed hearts without a lighted flame. Despite her best efforts, everyone she came across shunned and ignored her till her bones worn out. People walked past her, they looked upon her, wary and cautious.

But why, she was only going around to pass on some free lights.
You see, the world that was built was around deceptions and mistrust. It had become a marketplace of selfish greeds and…

A poem on sadness, WIP

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I offered to contribute my poem to a book called Sadness and Us and am working on it. As the title suggests, it is to bring insights on sadness and how different people deal with it. No stranger to waves of melancholia, I’ve decided to share my own experience through poetry. It is still a work in progress, and I’d be happy to receive feedback on it.

The Senses of Sadness

Sadness looks like darkness beckoning,
and one finds itself unwittingly drawn in.
Sadness, the sound like howling winds on a cold winter night.
Haunting you…

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If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, is that time will tell all things. Stories will unfold, various character plot will be revealed. The antidote against the unpredictability of events unfolding is to remain present.

Breathe, ground, back to present.

I don’t want to fast forward life because the ending might not be what I like. And even if it would be the desired end, the process matters more than the end result, for the victory of a result lasts only for a momentous while. So I’ll savour the present and danced entirely with life.

Hi there, thank you for reading…

Through the analogy of surfing as life

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I feel an urge to write and create a piece of release. My absence doesn’t mean I’ve stopped writing and being present. I’ve been writing fervently. Through the quiet and loud moments, before sleep and half-awake in the middle of the night from dreams that haunt me, in rising moments and during commuting, while meditating and praying and during nudges of the day where there are minutes of respite. …

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Please don’t mistake me for my downs

Please don’t mistake me for my highs

Please don’t mistake me for any of my impressions. It is not I

I am nothing, empty and vast

“I am” is a script I’ve picked up

A role that I’ve learnt

One that I’ve not chosen but have chosen I

With this script, the characters are given

The environment set

I birth into existence through my ancestors

Forgetting my essence and my connections

Thinking this is my life when it is only just a play

Thinking the play is about me when I am only…

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This was a poem written by astronomer and poet Rebecca Elson when she battled with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I find this poem comforting in the midst of the rising fears going around in our ever-changing and unpredictable circumstances of COVID-19. We are after all stardust and knowing how fear can eat away our flesh and presence at the moment, perhaps the antidote to it is to picture swallowing bits of stars into our body, to renew and rejuvenate ourselves in their mystical presence.

by Rebecca Elson

Sometimes as an antidote
To fear of death,
I eat the stars.

Those nights, lying on my back,

Day 6 COVID-19 lockdown

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“..but ultimately the whole of spirituality boils down to letting go of the illusion of the separate self, letting go of the way we think the world is and the way we think it should be. We need the willingness to lose our world. That willingness is the surrender; that willingness is the letting go. And each us has to find what that letting go means for us, what we need to let go of. Whether it’s easy or difficult doesn’t matter in the slightest. It is the letting go that is ultimately important.”

In today’s part of the series, I decided to share a few phrases from the book without my interpretation nor reflections as I am feeling exhausted. Nevertheless, these words continue to serve as a form of insights and solace for me. Spirituality or awakening, whatever you shall name it, is a solitary process. We can talk to one another about it, write, describe, sing and even teach it but ultimately, we will all walk a different journey to arrive at the same destination. …

Day 5 of COVID-19 lockdown

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Waking up to reality, away from our dream state. In part 3 of my reflections, I contemplate on “What is awakening?” and “How do we overcome pain?”

I am now at chapter 7 of the book as Adyashanti continues on how life itself holds up a mirror for our own awakening. Personally, I find it difficult to define what is awakening for me. I can’t recall when was the specific moment of awakening. Was it the time when I was about five and I believed that angels truly existed and communicated with them? Was it…

Day 4 COVID-19 lockdown

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If you’re searching for your life purpose or already have some sort of inkling to where you should be headed and what you ought to be doing, if you feel a pull drawing you towards an unknown reality and would possibly change the course of your life, be it in career, relationships or your next plan, I hope the words below bring you some form of guidance and direction. Sometimes the answers that we are seeking or hoping to get affirmations on are already known to us, we just haven’t “awaken” ourselves to the truths that…

That Wild Notebook

Story maker discovering my voice • Reflective musings • Dreamer • Life Coach • INSTAGRAM: @thatwildnotebook

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